Convoy of Hope San Jose - November 23, 2019

On November 23, 2019 I led an amazing team of photographers in a community-wide event to show our support for families during the holidays at the Giant's Excite Ballpark in San Jose.

The Convoy of Hope event was hosted by Bethel Church and there were almost 1,500 volunteers, including our Family Portraits team of 15-20 faithful servants.

Definitely a good looking group of believers!

The morning began at 7am, and even with our setup the day before there was still a lot to finalize before the official 10am event start time.

It was chilly all day since we were under a nice gazebo, but the majority of the volunteers were sweating out in the open field with the sun shining down on them and hardly any clouds in sight. I'm sure it made for a gorgeous day for all the thousands of guests of honor though!

We had a great crew of volunteer photographers, including some of our WE Mass Media and Before & After Photography team. Our service included camera operators, assistants, printers, greeters, and crowd control, and I'll tell ya... We had a smooth operation going!

"Kindness matters" was the slogan for this event and it truly did show on the faces of all our guests as we photographed them together with their loved ones.

It melts my heart whenever I see our community coming together to celebrate the simple joys of life here on earth.

Thank you to the dream team for all your faith and service: Sonny, Pat, Madison, Melina, Parker, Khristy, Nicole, Sophine, Marshall, Tom, Lucille, Natessa, Evelyn, Elizabeth, Warren, and others that I might be missing.

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