Strategy Execution: The Model of Successful Companies

I learned about something called "strategy execution" in my Stanford advanced project management program.

The core idea is that project management principles and practices have evolved from the traditional rigid, structural execution model and mindset to a model that puts company strategy first. The reason is that in the real world what ultimately matters is not just doing things right, but more importantly, doing the right things (strategically)... and doing those things right (structurally).

There's no point in completing a project successfully if it doesn't meet business and customer needs. So when a company shifts its model from project execution to strategy execution, what's important is not just picking the right projects to work on but also aligning the company's structure and culture with its strategy.

Culture is all about the norms and values within a company, controlling the way people interact with each other, whether it's a culture of collaboration, control, cultivation, or competence.

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