A Brief History of 'Athlete' Justin

I'm an ultra-endurance athlete that has focused on 200-mile single day bicycle races since 2011.

In 2020, I still find myself spending all of my sports time with bicycling.

Since I began bicycling, I've been inducted into the Hall of Fame as the youngest ever inductee at 28 years old, bicycled across America, competed in the Race Across America (DQ'd in Durango), journeyed from San Jose to LA (twice, and once round-trip).

I began my athletic career as a long-distance endurance runner from middle school to 10th grade. I've completed a handful of 26.2 mile marathons and have yet to make time for any ultra runs over 50 miles. I've also enjoyed a short triathlon stint in college, but I'm not the biggest fan of swimming, though I can be pretty strong when trained. I'm just more of a land animal, and prefer freewheeling on two wheels!

I'd currently still love to complete the Race Across America, become more competitive in road racing, and do a deca-ironman.

Stay tuned!

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